Application for the "Toward a Platform for Motivated and Gifted Youth" meeting

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Application form
Application form for the Toward a Platform for Motivated and Gifted Youth meeting. After you fill out this form please register at (if you haven't already) and enter the group named "Platform for Motivated and Gifted Youth" (  The group will be used as a placeholder for summaries of the talks/posters. Summaries should be posted there before the meeting, the deadline is February 17th (a week before the meeting). Additional information and help can be found on the the group, or ask:
Ivan Novosel - [email protected]
Dejan Vinković -  [email protected]
Bojan Markičević - [email protected]
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Supporting motivation in gifted students from all social and cultural backgrounds
New practices to empower teachers to offer a sustainable support to motivated and gifted youth
Evolving our practices by learning from current research on motivated and gifted youth
Lobbying for changes in the education policies on motivated and gifted youth
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